Resumption of Face-to-Face Training

Resumption of Face-to-Face Training
03 February 2022

We refer to an official communiqué from the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA).

As from Wednesday 02 February 2022, all training sessions may resume with physical presence.

However, the following conditions will have to be respected:

  1. All applicable sanitary measures and precautions of Covid-19 (temperature check, wearing of masks, sanitization, ventilation, etc.) be strictly ensured and applied at the place of training.
  2.   Social distancing of at least one meter between trainees be always respected in the training room; and
  3.   Strict compliance with all promulgated Acts and Regulations in connection with Covid-19, amongst others, the
  • Covid-19 (Restriction of Access to Specified Institutions, Places and Premises) Regulations 2021 as amended; and
  • Consolidated Covid-19 Regulations 2021 as amended.