Financial Assistance to Employers: Payment of National Minimum Wage and Salary Compensation 2024

We wish to inform you of the following:

  • Application for financial Assistance

The facility to apply for financial assistance for the payment of the increased National Minimum Wage and Salary Compensation 2024 is now available on MRA website. Please find below the link for same:

We invite all our members to submit their application in the soonest. However, please note that you need to submit your application ONLY ONCE . The submitted application will be considered to cover the three months preceding the month in which the application is made, up to the month of December 2024.

  • CSG/NSF/PAYE returns for the month of January 2024

For all Export companies, upon consultation with MRA, we are advising all members, not to submit their CSG/NSF/PAYE returns now. You can start to submit same after the 15th February 2024.