Dual Training Programme

MEXA forging ahead: Industrial Training for future generation.

Since the unavailability of skilled man-power in our industries was becoming a major handicap for the export manufacturing sector, MEXA took the responsibility to develop its own industry-based curriculum which would cater for the needs of the industry.

MEXA, as the private sector representative of the export community, embraced the Dual Training Programme model in 2014.  We took the challenge to develop our own industry-based curriculum for the export sector with the help of the Universities, which was launched for the first time on a dual training concept, that is, work and study at the same time. 

MEXA successfully developed two DTP (Dual Training Programme) projects whereby a shortage of competences was identified, namely, the

  • DTP Engineering – Technician Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with UDM in 2015

We had 12 companies (T&A, seafood, Food & Beverage) sponsoring 25 students who are enrolled under the “Technician Diploma in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering” course.

  • DTP Logistics – Diploma in International Business and Logistics with CTI in 2016

We have 7 companies (Freight forwarding, Warehousing & Distribution, Chemicals & Textile) sponsoring 14 students who are enrolled under the “Diploma in International Business and Logistics” course.

  • The 2nd Batch “Technician Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering” with UDM in 2018

Following a strong interest from our member companies, MEXA has successfully launched a 2nd Batch of the “Technician Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering” which responds to the needs of the sector.

We have 9 companies (T&A, Seafood, Food, Beverage) sponsoring 20 students who are enrolled under the 2nd batch “Technician Diploma in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering” course.

The students will graduate by end of this year 2021 and the industry is already looking forward to employing these trainees.

  • Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management with University of Mauritius in 2021

Industrial Engineering is another field which has been identified as a main area where there is an acute lack of qualified manpower.  Hence, MEXA in collaboration with the University of Mauritius and industry experts, have developed another industry-based course namely “Diploma in Industrial Engineering & Operations Management” to address the scarcity problem in the above-mentioned field.

We have 13 companies sponsoring 22 students who are enrolled in this course.

Academic and Industry Performance

The strong commitment and dedication of the students has attained an average pass mark of 85% and an attendance level of above 90% both at university and workplace.

There are 6 distinctions in the batch of “Technician Diploma in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering “at UDM who were graduated in October 2018.  It is the First Time Ever that there has been such a high number of distinctions in a batch of students at this university.

In addition, more than 50% of the students in “Diploma in International Business and Logistics” course got a distinction at Charles Telfair Institute.

  • Employability of the DTP trainees

The DTP Engineering and Logistics courses were completed in 2018.  The 38 students have been graduated in October 2018 and all of them have already been offered employment by their respective sponsoring companies.

When the 38 DTP trainees came to the market, they obtained a job instantaneously within a week. Thereafter, poaching among companies did happen and the trainees got several job offers by other companies at a competitive salary and benefits.

  • Success Story

The export industry has expressed great satisfaction with the brilliant performance and quality of students who have inculcated the right skills, right mindset and the commitment to work. 

The Universities have been reporting to us that the maturity of the students gained by working and studying at the same time has enormously contributed to the excellent results of the students.

These young employees are actually doing their degree course now.  While some of those new recruits have obtained job promotion, others are coaching and mentoring their juniors.  For instance,

  • Tropic Knits – The young employee is coaching and mentoring the DTP trainees of the 2nd batch
  • Phoenix Bev – The ex-DTP student received a job offer from an international company (client of Phoenix Bev) in South Africa soon after completion of his studies, but he refused and honoured his commitment with Phoenix Bev.