Communiqué – Export Development Certificate

As announced in the Budget Speech 2021-2022, all businesses will be required to register with the Economic Development Board (EDB) to benefit from incentives and schemes introduced by the Government.

The following incentives are granted to Export Oriented Enterprises (EOEs) who are holders of an Export Development Certificate (EDC) issued by the Economic Development Board (EDB):

  • Freight Rebate Scheme
  • Trade Promotion & Marketing Scheme
  • Subsidy on the cost of Credit Guarantee Insurance Premium and
  • Preferential Port & Handling charges

We would hereby request all export companies to register for the Export Development Certificate with the EDB accordingly.

Mode of Application:

  • Kindly note that all applications should be made electronically to the Business Support Cell of the EDB on
  • Applicants are invited to consult the guideline available on EDB’s website before submitting their application.

For any additional information required, please contact the help desk of the Business Support Cell on 203 3302 / 203 3303 / 203 3304.