Celebrations of the 53 years of the Export Sector

Our Export Sector has celebrated its 53 years on the 10th of July 2023. For more than 5 decades, this sector has significantly moved from a highly labor-intensive and mostly textile-driven sector to a vibrant, modern and technologically advanced capital-intensive sector offering a diversified set of career paths for our youth all the while growing in a sustainable cadre.

However, the export sector is plagued by a negative perception, which has existed for the past decades, resulted in the fact that today, the younger generation of the country are not interested in joining this sector.

The images that come to their minds are low-skilled jobs, unattractive salaries, long working hours ( in some cases weekends also), no social benefits attached, no job security and highly volatile work environments.

This year, to bring value to the celebrations of the 53 years of the Export Sector, MEXA has taken the initiative to open the doors of its Export Manufacturing companies to Grade 10 and 12 college students during the second week of August. During the visits, the students will have the opportunity to visit key departments of an Export Manufacturing company and understand the production process leading to exports.

 MEXA is currently working with the Ministry of Education on a list of schools who will participate in this initiative.

Each participating company will ideally invite schools in its vicinity to ease the logistics process.