Sim Card Re registration

MEXA attended a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the issue of re-registration of Sim Cards As you are aware, every Sim Card holder must duly register his/her Sim Card by 30 April 2024, to avoid any Sim Card deactivation.   We would like to highlight a few important points concerning this exercise:   […]

Financial Assistance to Employers: Payment of National Minimum Wage and Salary Compensation 2024

We wish to inform you of the following: Application for financial Assistance The facility to apply for financial assistance for the payment of the increased National Minimum Wage and Salary Compensation 2024 is now available on MRA website. Please find below the link for same: We invite all our members to submit their application […]

MEXA Communiqué on Transparentem’s Report

MEXA Communiqué on Transparentem Report issued on December 2023 The Mauritius Export Association (MEXA) on behalf of its members in the export sector in Mauritius is absolutely committed to safeguarding and protecting the rights of all workers, irrespective of their nationality, and we confirm our strong commitment to ensuring the utmost well-being of both Mauritian and Migrant workers. Transparentem has recently released […]